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Romeu Antonio Ferreira

Head of Analysis

Colonel Romeu Ferreira has more than 30 years experience managing investigations and intelligence gathering operations in the government and private sector.

Romeu graduated from UERJ with a degree in philosophy and obtained a further bachelors degree from AMAN and a masters degree from ECEME.Romeu was instrumental in establishing and providing instruction at the Brazilian National Intelligence School (ESNI).

He also served as an intelligence officer in the Brazilian Military Command (CML and CMP). He later served in the Brazilian Army Intelligence Centre (CIE) where he held positions as Chief of Intelligence Operations and Chief of Counter-Intelligence.

Romeu also served on secondment to the United Nations in Costa Rica, El Salvador and represented the United Nations in the Rome peace negotiations concerning Mozambique.After leaving the army, Romeu became Intelligence Director for the Public Security in the State of Rio de Janeiro (CISP/SSP/RJ).

He introduced intelligence-gathering methods, which dramatically reduced kidnappings and the influence of organized criminals in Rio de Janeiro.

On January 6 2014 Coronel Romeu was honored to accept the role of Director of the Escola de Inteligência de Segurança Publica (School of Public Security Intelligence) in Rio de Janeiro. This is the first institution of its type in Brazil.


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